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Test matura exam – day 3rd (Maths)

November 17, 2006

Ok, I’m already after the whole test matura exam. My today’s subject was maths. What I can say – the tasks were possible to do 😉 I have to study a lot before the final exam in May – I’m an optimist 😉 Now I have some time before I will know the results. We’ll see 🙂


Test matura exam – day 2nd (English)

November 16, 2006

Huh, I’m already after the English test matura exam. I don’t know what to say about it – it was neither very easy, nor extremely difficult. Second part of the exam in my opinion was more difficult – I hope it didn’t go very bad 😉 Tomorrow maths on the extended level, we’ll see 😀

Test matura exam – day 1st (Polish)

November 15, 2006

Today, I had a test matura exam. The subject was Polish language. It was relatively easy – I only hope it won’t be more difficult in May, when it will be the final exam. Ok, now I have two more test exams before me – English (tomorrow), and maths (Friday). I’m of a good mind 😉

Polish Fedora Core 6 Release Notes ready!

November 12, 2006

Together with the release of Fedora Core 6 (even a bit earlier), there is a Polish translation of Fedora Core 6 Release Notes. The version for FC6 is already published, but FC5 relnotes are not yet… Heh, I don’t have time to edit the whole translation to prepare it for publication. I hope I will do it one day, as it would be a pity to not publish them if they’re already translated 😉 I hope the Polish version will be helpful for many Polish Fedora users to start their adventure with the Fedora world. You can find the Polish translation at