Test matura exam – day 1st (Polish)

Today, I had a test matura exam. The subject was Polish language. It was relatively easy – I only hope it won’t be more difficult in May, when it will be the final exam. Ok, now I have two more test exams before me – English (tomorrow), and maths (Friday). I’m of a good mind 😉

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3 Comments on “Test matura exam – day 1st (Polish)”

  1. 0421 Says:

    I am interested, I have a friend that lives in Katowice, and I would like to visit her by surprise when she passes matura. When is this matura test take place, I would like to know so that I could plan my trip around the weekend after the test.

    Could you tell me if it is different in each state? or nationally it is the same day and when is the date of matura test?

    Thanks, any information is helpful!

  2. McGiwer Says:

    The matura exam takes place in May. There is no exact date, as it depends on subjects which a person choose. Different subjects are being passed on different days. You have to check what subjects your friend will choose and then check on what day they will be. The dates are the same for all country.

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