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Pact with a devil

January 22, 2007

As you know, some time ago, Microsoft and Novell signed a deal about cooperation. Firstly, I had confused feelings about that, but after thinking about that again, I can’t say anything good about that pact. Similarly to many people, I also think it’s a deal only for money, nothing more. Some people may say it’s good for the standards cooperation – is it true? I don’t think so… They signed the pact and propably won’t reveal the things that could be helpful for better standards cooperation. Microsoft just understood the fact they can’t win with Open Source, so they decided to “cooperate” with it. The only one thing they want is to make more and more money, they don’t think about the community – we shouldn’t make illusions about this. We all know Microsoft’s operations against Linux and Open Source, we all remember Ballmer’s words “Linux is a cancer” – it shows the whole Microsoft’s attitude to the open software. It’s someting like the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact and it’s targeted against the Open Source community. And, as Eben Molgen from the Free Software Foundation says, this pact definitely breaks the General Public License v3, and is even propably not compliant with GPL2. Don’t allow to make you blind on this matter. Now, Microsoft is trying to fight with Open Source in different way. But they’ll never win.


Blackmail – let to be broken or fight…?

January 16, 2007

Hmm, today I was thinking whether you should allow to be broken by blackmail, or should fight? If we consider it in a simple way, the answer is obvious. But, what to do if in case you win, it will in some way hit you? That is, you will lose something what you could gain if you allowed someone to break you. This is the point where the dilemma starts. Be broken and lose your honor or remain unbendable and lose an opportunity of doing something that you would like to do – that is the question. This is a question from my current life but it is in some way connected with Linux and Open Source. Remain committed to the idelogy or permit to be bought? In this case, the ideology can be connected with money profits, but sometimes a good payment could be offered to you if you allowed to be bought. It’s a main problem that we can meet in everyday life. My answer to this is that you have to remain free, with free mind and free choice. As John Lennon sang, “One thing I can tell you is you got to be free!”. These words remain up to date to presentday, and will remain immortal forever. My friend says: “You have to know your own value”. So, we should never allow to be broken by blackmail, as freedom is one of the most valuable things we can have. Remember it. – reactivation

January 14, 2007

I’m proud to inform you that some time ago, we’ve reactivated the Polish site and support forum – Actually, we’ve created a new layout based on WordPress ( 🙂 ). Now it looks really great and, as one user said, smells with freshness 🙂 Right now, we’re planning to reactivate Wiki so everyone will be able to help other people by writing articles. We’re on the right way, now we have to just keep the work! 🙂

Come back!

January 14, 2007

After a long while, I’ve decided it’s time to write something new. Now I’ll try to write more often, so that you won’t have to wait long with impatience for a next post 😉 If it comes about the RHCE exam, I’ll come back to this matter after my final Matura exam in May… Now, let’s start writing the right content.