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Welcome from Berlin! :)

May 31, 2007

I haven’t told it to you earlier due to lack of time, but I’m doing it now 😉 So, here is event in Berlin, the largest event of this kind in Europe, LinuxTag. We have our Fedora booth here with some schwag. The closest booths around us that might interest you are Suse ( 😦 ), Ubuntu and IBM ones. I have told with guys from Free Software Foundation Europe and decided I will join their translation team, when I have more free time. But ok, let’s tell in few sentences what’s happened here since I’ve arrived yesterday. So, when I arrived at the Pegasus hostel where all Fedora team is staying, we had FAD (Fedora Ambassador Day). We’ve talked some important issues and had a briefing for LinuxTag. After a tiring trip and FAD, we went to our rooms and went to a dreamed sleep. Early in the morning (6:45), we had a breakfast and after that we went to LinuxTag for setting a booth. When we had finished doing this, the event started. There were not too many visitors today, but I’ve been told that next days are gonna be much more busy than Wednesday. At about 12:10, I started to write this post but while doing this, I went for a dinner and I wanted to finish the post but the battery went down after a while, that’s why I’m writing now 😉 Just before 18 o’clock we started cleaning our booth. Then, we came back to our hostel, ate something and discussed topics related (mainly) to Fedora and the Open Source Software. While writing this, we’re sitting on the first floor of the building we’re staying at and most of us are doing some stuff at their laptops 😉 Below you have few photos from today, I’ll give youmore tomorrow. So bye for now, see you tomorrow 😉

Our troubleshooting standMe ;)Eating and working at the same time ;)BoothAndreas setting the net connectionUbuntu guys


I’m back!

May 23, 2007

Hi again! 🙂 I’m back after a long absence. I’m already after all exams, now I have to just wait for results. I gotta orientate what’s going on in the world, so I will be able to normally function. I think that’s all for now. For next hearing 🙂