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Software Freedom Day 2007

September 22, 2007

Few days ago Open Source had its big holiday – Software Freedom Day. It’s an international Open Source event. In Poland, the event took place in two Polish cities – Wroclaw and Krakow. Fedora was represented in Wroclaw by a group of Polish Fedora Ambassadors. Without any doubt, that was the best organized Fedora representation in Poland till now. Besides, we were the best represented Open Source project there as we were the only booth 🙂 The event took place at Wroclaw University of Technology and it looked as most of the attendees were an academic community, what is a good sign for Open Source Software, as young people are interested in it. People could listen to many interesting presentations connected with Open Source projects and everyone could find something for himself. What’s even more interesting, we could talk with these people about Fedora, and I had a speech about the Fedora Project. I think it was the first step to create a strong Fedora community in Wroclaw. The future is presented in bright colours 🙂 Below you have some photos.

Our boothPeople on Fedora booth)Me ;)Fedora presentation ;)Wikimedia presentation


Fedora Open Days 2007 – summary

September 22, 2007

A bit late, but I’m sending you a very short report from Fedora Open Days I mentioned in my previous post. I won’t write a long introduction, as I think everything is written in the report 😉