Fedora Open Days 2007 – summary

A bit late, but I’m sending you a very short report from Fedora Open Days I mentioned in my previous post. I won’t write a long introduction, as I think everything is written in the report πŸ˜‰

1st day (Saturday, June 16th)

The whole event took place at one of the buildings of Cracow University
of Technology. When we arrived at the meeting place, there were many
community members. They were waiting for registration. Before the event
started, we set had set up our booth. Registration didn't take long,
immediately after this almost everyone went for the room where
presentations took place. The first speech was an official welcome from
organizers. Then the presentations started. On the first day, there were
many speeches about the new Fedora 7 release, Red Hat Neterprise Linux
5, virtualization and the Fedora community in Poland and Europe. After
these topics, we had a break for a dinner. After a meal people come back
for next presentation, about virtualisation (Xen), Red Hat in Poland,
preparing the RPM packages and Ruby on Rails. Then the "official" part
of the event on the first day was finished. We met again on a Krakow
marketplace for Linux Party, to integrate the community πŸ˜‰ We had a
great fun till late hours, but because of the next day we had to come
back and sleep a bit.

2nd day (Sunday, June 17th)

On the second day, the event started with a presentation about licences.
Then, we could see speeches about Compiz, KDE4, Jabber and Fedora
Directory Server. After them, the community went for a short break for
dinner, that is delicous pizza πŸ˜‰ After coming back, there were
presentations about Red Hat Internet servers and TeX.

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