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Fedora and Red Hat Open Day 2008 finished!

June 4, 2008

I didn’t write about the event we’re organizing before, but I’ll write a short brief on this now ๐Ÿ™‚ So, the event took place on 1st June in Cracow. The name for the second time was Fedora and Red Hat Open Day, although the topics spoken during the conference were mainly Fedora-related. We were really surprised with the huge interest in our event. We had 173 registered people what was a real success. Of course not everybody appeared but that was a success anyway. The attendance was the biggest during first presentations, but we shouldn’t complain about this during the whole event as well. I won’t write long report here, because if you’re intrested in more detailed account, I’ve posted it here:


Linux-reinstalacja in Wroclaw

December 13, 2007

I’m glad to inform you about a great iniciative taken by Wroclaw Linux community. Local folks are organizing an action called Linux-reinstalacja (Linux-reinstallation) whose target is to help new users in installing Linux on their desktops, and to help people solve problems they can encounter during work with the operating system. Me with my friends have a honor to represent the Fedora Project on this event. We’re gonna set a booth there, too. The event will take place at Wroclaw University of Technology, on 15th December (this Saturday), building C-13. We’re waiting to see ya there!

The event’s website:
Trailer: view

Software Freedom Day 2007

September 22, 2007

Few days ago Open Source had its big holiday – Software Freedom Day. It’s an international Open Source event. In Poland, the event took place in two Polish cities – Wroclaw and Krakow. Fedora was represented in Wroclaw by a group of Polish Fedora Ambassadors. Without any doubt, that was the best organized Fedora representation in Poland till now. Besides, we were the best represented Open Source project there as we were the only booth ๐Ÿ™‚ The event took place at Wroclaw University of Technology and it looked as most of the attendees were an academic community, what is a good sign for Open Source Software, as young people are interested in it. People could listen to many interesting presentations connected with Open Source projects and everyone could find something for himself. What’s even more interesting, we could talk with these people about Fedora, and I had a speech about the Fedora Project. I think it was the first step to create a strong Fedora community in Wroclaw. The future is presented in bright colours ๐Ÿ™‚ Below you have some photos.

Our boothPeople on Fedora booth)Me ;)Fedora presentation ;)Wikimedia presentation

Fedora Open Days 2007 – summary

September 22, 2007

A bit late, but I’m sending you a very short report from Fedora Open Days I mentioned in my previous post. I won’t write a long introduction, as I think everything is written in the report ๐Ÿ˜‰


Preparations for Fedora Open Days 2007

June 15, 2007

Hi! So, I’m packing my luggage for Fedora Open Days 2007, which will take place on 16-17 days of this month in Cracow (Poland). I have Fedora T-shirts, few bracelets from FUDCon, Fedora posters (and one Red Hat poster), Fedora 7 leaflets & Fedora stickers (small, large & extra large ;)). Oh, and a few FC6 DVDs to be given away. I should get to Cracow at about 8 p.m. Today, we’ll have a meeting somewhere at the Cracow Marketplace. Btw. – I promised you more photos from LinuxTag some time ago and I’ll put them here, but not yet ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope FOD will be a great holiday for Polish Fedora community.

Welcome from Berlin! :)

May 31, 2007

I haven’t told it to you earlier due to lack of time, but I’m doing it now ๐Ÿ˜‰ So, here is event in Berlin, the largest event of this kind in Europe, LinuxTag. We have our Fedora booth here with some schwag. The closest booths around us that might interest you are Suse ( ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ), Ubuntu and IBM ones. I have told with guys from Free Software Foundation Europe and decided I will join their translation team, when I have more free time. But ok, let’s tell in few sentences what’s happened here since I’ve arrived yesterday. So, when I arrived at the Pegasus hostel where all Fedora team is staying, we had FAD (Fedora Ambassador Day). We’ve talked some important issues and had a briefing for LinuxTag. After a tiring trip and FAD, we went to our rooms and went to a dreamed sleep. Early in the morning (6:45), we had a breakfast and after that we went to LinuxTag for setting a booth. When we had finished doing this, the event started. There were not too many visitors today, but I’ve been told that next days are gonna be much more busy than Wednesday. At about 12:10, I started to write this post but while doing this, I went for a dinner and I wanted to finish the post but the battery went down after a while, that’s why I’m writing now ๐Ÿ˜‰ Just before 18 o’clock we started cleaning our booth. Then, we came back to our hostel, ate something and discussed topics related (mainly) to Fedora and the Open Source Software. While writing this, we’re sitting on the first floor of the building we’re staying at and most of us are doing some stuff at their laptops ๐Ÿ˜‰ Below you have few photos from today, I’ll give youmore tomorrow. So bye for now, see you tomorrow ๐Ÿ˜‰

Our troubleshooting standMe ;)Eating and working at the same time ;)BoothAndreas setting the net connectionUbuntu guys

Fedora Ambassador Day

February 24, 2007

Hi, it’s Brussels! ๐Ÿ™‚ I haven’t written about it before, as I had to prepare for travel. Tomorrow, there will be FOSDEM (Free and Open Source Software Developers’ European Meeting) here. But for us, the most important event is FUDCon which will take a place there. Today, we had a meeting connected with the Fedora Ambassador Day. We met in a such group for the first time in a real life. It was a really exciting and fantastic experience. There were ambassadors from Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Poland and UK. There were also two Red Hat folks from the US who’re connected with Fedora. These were Max Spevack, the Fedora Project leader and Tom Callaway (spot). We also met some CentOS, Firefox and FreshRPMS guys, as well as Dag Wieers who produces RPM packages for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Fedora and CentOS. We had a really great time together. I’ve also met some Kubuntu guy who’s staying with me in the same room, he’s also cool folk ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll post here some photos after FOSDEM. I’ll also try to write something tomorrow, if I’ll still be able to do so ๐Ÿ™‚